50+ Lovely Marriage Proposal Messages For Him & For Her

Marriage Proposal Messages: Are you in a love relationship ? Are you going to propose for marriage? Well, proposing is like the most tedious task of life, your nerve-racking & heartbeat go up! To prepare, you’ve chosen just the right time and the perfect location. Here you some heart-touching words. Below are some lovely marriage proposal messages for you, but be sure to add your own unique touch to make this special moment one you will both cherish always.

Apart from choosing the best place for proposing your love, you must also choose the perfect words carefully knowingly his/her habits, choices, likes & dislikes. But whatever you say, it should come from your heart. No Artificial expression. Always be Real & Natural!

Some Marriage Proposal Messages for Him

Though it is not so difficult to Impress a Man for Marriage however if you wanna make it a lifetime movement, have some beautiful words. Here are some of the best Marriage Proposal Messages for Him.

Whenever I look into your eyes, whenever I hear you speak my name, whenever I hear your heart beating next to mine, I see my future. Please say you’ll be my husband.

You took the pieces of my heart and put them back together one by one. Even though it was hard and sometimes I didn’t cooperate, I am forever grateful. Please marry me.

You’re my heart-stopper, but I mustn’t fail to be proper:
Will you be my hunky groom and become a cake topper?

Honey, you are an amazing man, and I think we both know we have each met our match. Let’s call it even and get married. We’ll make a great team.

Hey guy, here’s a thought: tie the knot?

You’re my guy, and you deserve only the best. You know that’s me! Let’s get hitched.

You’re the guy who takes away my fear,
When I’m in your arms, cares to disappear.
I want to be with you all my life,
Will you stand with me, and make me your wife?

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You are the most amazing man I have ever met, and I want to be yours forever. Will you marry me?

I want to sleep in your arms every night and wake up there every morning. Care to make me your lady?

When I look at you, I just know that you are the man I want to spend my life with. Will you be my husband?

In you, I have found the missing pieces of me. So I want to carry your name next to mine for my remaining days.

My heart already considers you my partner for life. Tell me you feel the same way and marry me.

The commitment may sound like a heavy word, but with you, it is going to be easy. Marry me?

To marry you would fulfill all my dreams. Say yes and be my hubby forever.

That little place on the end of your shoulder is my favorite spot to rest my head. Inside your hugs is my favorite place to relax and just be. I want to be next to you forever. Marry me.

I want to sleep in your arms every night and wake up there every morning. Care to make me your lady?

You won my heart. Now be my Groom !!

Some Amazing Marriage Proposal Messages for Her

It’s never easy to Propose a woman unlike men, women take extra time to accept because she wants to re-check the decision. If you are going to propose to her for marriage, you must need some genuine, realistic Marriage proposal messages for her. So here are some lovely & unique marriage proposal messages ideas for her.

After tonight I don’t want you to be my girlfriend anymore. I want you to by my fiancé. Marry me?

Your love and laughter have made me a new man. I want to enjoy life with you forever. Please say yes to becoming my bride.

You’ve been queen of my heart since the day we met. Will you honor me by becoming my wife?

My heart can only love you, and my soul only recognizes your voice. Let me hold you close forever as my beautiful wife.

You’re the girl of my dreams, and now that I’ve found you, I won’t ever let go. Marry me?

Be my bride, and I promise to bring you every love and happiness of the world.

My whole life, I wanted to keep standing straight. But for you, I want to kneel on my knees. Marry me, please.

You have written me so many lovely words, and I want to reply to those with my wedding vows. Care to marry me?

My heart floats like a feather, and my feet can hardly stay grounded. Heaven feels close, and my love for you will not be contained. Please accept this ring and be tethered to me, my wife forever.

You have turned my world into a paradise, and I want to share a home with you. Marry me.

By spending time with I recognized the purity of your heart, I felt your soul and I wanna keep this feeling forever. Will you Marry Me?

You are a complete lady & now I want to complete myself by marrying you. Will You?

All this while you have been my princess. But now I want to make you my queen. Will you be my wife?

On this, the loveliest of evenings, I need for the loveliest girl in the world to say the loveliest of words when it comes to marriage. Please say yes.

I don’t have the heart of a poet, but I have the heart of a man who will love you always. Marry me.

As I sit across from the most beautiful woman in the world, I can’t help but be amazed. Thank you for your love, your inspiration, and your smile. You are truly a blessing to me. Please be my wife.

To see you walk down the aisle, flowers in hand, looking at me with love in your eyes would be a dream come true. Will you be my bride?

Let’s Sum Up

Hope these Marriage Proposal Messages will motivate you to write something best suitable to your situation. Marriage Proposals should be like your real feeling for him or her, it shouldn’t look like orchestrated or manufactured. Place, Timing, Mood are three important factors to consider before you go to propose for marriage. After-all this is once is life time event & affect your relationship further. Good Luck and lots of blessings from team Hello Greeting .

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