Best places in NewYork to Visit on Your Birthday

Best Places in NewYork for your Birthday: When it comes to celebrating your birthday, it has to be unique because it may be a party in New York City every day thanks to the abundance of eateries and pubs that feel nothing short of festive. You’ll want to organize something enjoyable and original to gather your friends together for the big day unless you’d rather hide from the fact that you’re another year older. These fun birthday party suggestions in NYC can make your most recent voyage around the sun a success. For your birthday, there are so many incredible things to do in NYC, such as drinking cocktails at a rooftop bar, going on an outdoor adventure, visiting a spa, or taking a cooking class.

With this list of the top Places in NewYork for your Birthday, you can leave the idea generation to us.

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Smith & Wollensky

An authentically traditional American steakhouse. I haven’t eaten here in a long time, but while I was in New York with a close friend, we had to try it. I made a reservation using OpenTable, and I was on time. I had luggage, so it was no problem for the courteous and understanding coat-check employee to take them off my hands. The menus were then presented to us as we were led to our upstairs table.

Very old school, as I’ve previously stated. The menu is concise and straightforward, the servers are all seasoned veterans who have worked in the industry for ages, and the cocktails are made by a traditional bartender. The server informed us that the bartender can whip up anything, but there was no drinks menu.

Travel to Governors Island.

Can’t escape yet want to? Take the ferry to Governors Island and stay in a glamping tent with Collective Governors Island, or travel there for the day to get the same relaxing vacation atmosphere (camping, biking, food trucks, art).

This is one of the best places in New York for your Birthday. There are a tonne of things to do starting on May 1 when it formally opens, from continuing art installations to significant events like the Jazz Age Lawn Party in June. Additionally, something new for this year is that Hammock Grove’s lawn will be “mowed” by five sheep on the island. Make plans to visit and do as much as you can!

Rooftop 93 Chinatown

Stunning views of the NY skyline! and the staff were very friendly. Kenny was great and very chatty. Good mixture of drinks and cocktails. Shane because there had been a bit of rain the outside terrace wasn’t open yet.

“A hidden jewel on the roof”
This rooftop in New York was suggested to us by a friend who lives there. The bartenders were kind and laid back, the drinks were excellent, and the view was breathtaking! You can view the entirety of Manhattan from here, therefore I highly suggest visiting a rooftop outside of midtown, like this one. Overall, it’s a very relaxed and enjoyable place to be, with great music to boot.

Unwind at a New Jersey Korean spa party.

Everyone is aware that on your birthday, you are just as important as your friends’ good times. So why not surprise them with an outrageous idea that won’t break the bank when you pitch a plan? Take the complimentary shuttle they provide from the Times Square neighborhood to this New Jersey spa for a day of treatment.

The amazing rooftop infinity pool with views of Manhattan, the volcanic sand treatment using rare Japanese lava sand, and the searing charcoal sauna are just a few of the features at this full-service spa. On weekdays, daily admission fees are $55; on weekends and holidays, they are $75.

You’ll be granted all-day access to the pools and spas with that. Give it your best; although it’s unlikely that you’ll ever scratch the surface of the enormous eight floors of treatments that this relaxation arena offers, it’s kind of like Disneyland for everyone.

Park at Clove Lakes (Picnic Spot)

Don’t pass up this lovely area on Staten Island if you’re looking for a waterfront place to eat and relax. Pitmasters, take note: For groups of 20 or less, the waterfront BBQ location (near the southeast corner of the lake) does not require permits. Nongrillers should head to the middle grass by the field house, which is surrounded by daffodils or unwind under a cherry tree by one of the walks. Before you put in, get a caffeine boost at Beans and Leaves Coffee & Tea Cafe. The brews, fresh bread, pastries, and baked products are legendary among the locals.

State Park Marsha P. Johnson (Picnic Spot)

Formerly known as East River State Park, this seven-acre area is now known as hipster heaven and is flush with the river, providing breathtaking views of Manhattan’s cityscape. Renovations have restricted some parts, however, the dog run and the north side of the park are still accessible. The remainder will be finished this summer, and improved amenities will include fresh restrooms and patio chairs where you can more easily consume tacos, bagels, or hot dogs made from octopus from adjacent restaurants like Rosarito Fish Shack and Bagelsmith. Although specifics are still being worked out, Smorgarburg is also anticipated to return.

Dance & Feast at Nowadays Club

Nowadays is a slice of Neverland for club kids with its top-notch sound system, upscale menu, and utterly calm ambiance. The spacious outdoor area of Nowadays, which was founded by the co-creators of Mister Saturday Night, Eamon Harkin and Justin Carter, also serves as the site of Mister Sunday, a daytime party, the Ridgewood Market, and a regular schedule of readings and conversations. A 5,000-square-foot indoor facility was just opened, allowing DJs to play louder music till the wee hours for individuals who haven’t yet embraced adult schedules.

Fort Tryon Park, (Relaxing & Picnic Spot)

This public park in Inwood was built when John D. Rockefeller bought a number of substantial properties and donated the property to the city in the early 20th century. Frederick Law Olmsted Jr., the celebrated designer of Central Park, was responsible for its creation. It might be the most stunning 67 acres on the island with its panoramic vistas of the Hudson River, abundant vegetation, and high elevation in Manhattan. Additionally, since it is located more than a hundred blocks north of Midtown, fewer tourists will be vying for the best piece of green space.

Views of the Cloisters, a stunning architectural outgrowth of the Metropolitan Museum of Art that houses 5,000 works from the Met’s collection, will make you feel as though you’ve travelled through time and into another planet. On May 27, Trie, the Cloisters’ temporary cafe, will reopen for the 2021 season. Standard sandwiches and salads had previously been on the menu, but the location is outstanding and it’s the only spot on site where you may drink (sanctioned) alcohol.


Fun things to do in Newyork on your birthday

1. Helicopter Ride of New York City

Probably this is gonna be an amazing experience if you are looking for Fun Things to Do in NewYork on your Birthday. One of the greatest things for celebrating your birthday in New York City is undoubtedly taking a helicopter tour of the city. And throughout your 30- to 45-minute ride on this private helicopter tour of New York City, you’ll have a magnificent bird’s eye view of all the city’s top attractions.

So be sure to look for famous structures like the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, Central Park, Yankee Stadium, the Chrysler Building, and others.

You can even plan your flight to take off around dusk so you can glimpse the city against the majestuous, golden glory of the sun.

Additionally, in addition to the breathtaking vistas, you’ll also discover some interesting facts about New York City, making this an especially special opportunity to explore the “city that never sleeps” and one of the many enjoyable birthday activities in New York City.

Before making a flight reservation, keep an eye on the often troublesome NYC weather. Because the vistas can be everything but inspiring if you chance to be flying on a day that is extremely cloudy and overcast. A full refund is also available if you cancel your flight at least 24 hours in advance.

  • Ross Aviation is located at 67 Tower Road in Harrison, New York, 10604.
  • Hours: Daily flights leave at half-hour intervals between 4:30 and 7:00 p.m.
  • Price: $244 per person or $730 for a group of three. Just so you know, the flight at dusk costs $1000 for three people and is more expensive.
  • How to Reach There: From Grand Central, take the White Plains station stop of the Harlem line rail, then take a taxi to the airport.

2. Sunset Cruise Through Newyork Harbour

Sunset in New York City, when the city is bathed in the vivacious light of the golden hour, is my favourite time of day. And while you can observe the sunset from almost anywhere in the city, a sunset cruise offers a notably superior view (except for maybe the helicopter I mentioned earlier).

Because very few objects can hinder your view of the magnificent sunset and the recognisable NYC cityscape when you’re on the water.

Yes, the Statue of Liberty, perhaps the most recognisable landmark in New York City, is the single obvious exception to that general rule. Since the Statue of Liberty is lighted with vivid, dramatic colours to create the most ideal, picture-perfect backdrop, that really isn’t a bother.

And while though New York City offers a wide variety of sunset cruises, this 2-hour Sunset Schooner Cruise stands out from the competition. The unusual container and free beverage add to the already fantastic experience.

And to top it all off, this particular sunset cruise has received glowing reviews from hundreds of previous visitors, so you know you’ll love it too as one of the top birthday activities in NYC.

  • Address: Chelsea Piers (Pier 62) at W. 22nd and Hudson River (this is the meeting point)
  • Hours: Cruises depart almost daily at 6:00 pm and last two hours.
  • Price: $86 per person.

3. Greenwich Village Food Tour

Greenwich Village is the best food hub available in NYC for all food lovers. All foodies are invited! Because it’s one of the best birthday activities in New York City if you love to eat, the Greenwich Village Food Tour is unquestionably one of the best.

However, Greenwich Village is actually a gourmet hotspot in New York City, just in case you’re not completely in the know. First of all, you have to go to a tonne of iconic restaurants like MIMI and Murray’s Bagels.

After that, there are also always a few new locations that you might not be familiar with. However, this Greenwich Village Food Tour, fortunately, takes you to a great amalgamation of both!
As a result, you’ll get to visit a lovely assortment of jazz clubs, booksellers, and chocolatiers during your culinary tour of wonder, all of which serve some of the best food in New York City.

Just so you know, several of these locations are completely hidden gems that you can only discover with the aid of a helpful local. This makes the culinary tour one of the top birthday activities in New York City.

Additionally, they will be pleased to accommodate your dietary needs! Because this Greenwich Village Food Tour has something great to offer you whether you’re a vegetarian, vegan, kosher, gluten-free, dairy-free, or nut-free person!

The meeting place for this tour is next to the park’s fountain, at the intersection of 8th Avenue and 13th Street.

  • Hours: This two-hour trip begins every day at 12:30 PM.
  • Price: Individual tickets start at $86.
  • How to Get There: Take the A/C/R rail to 14th Street station, then walk to the tour from there, or take the 1/2/3 train to 14th Street and 8th Avenue.

4. Go out for a Drink in Newyork

Consider just going out for drinks if all you want to do on your big day is spend the evening with your friends. Even though it’s one of the more understated birthday activities in NYC, it’s still a tonne of fun.
Because of this, everybody does it. Additionally, New York City is home to pretty much every kind of bar imaginable, including those with live music, sporting events, high-end pubs, and much more.

And while New York City offers a huge variety of bars, my particular favourites are the rooftop bars. You can gaze at absolutely beautiful vistas of the city while enjoying delectable cocktails. After all, the Big Apple is unlike any other place on the globe.

Now, sure, there are several awesome rooftop bars in NYC. But there are a few names that are quite amazing plus affordable.

The Long Island Bar, The Skylark, The Polynesian, Serra by Birreria,  Bemelmans Bar etc.


5. Attend a Broadway Show in Newyork

The spectacular Broadway productions in New York City are renowned throughout the world. There are other Broadway productions here that are worthwhile for your time, including The Phantom of the Opera, Wicked, and The Lion King.

Additionally, you will undoubtedly have a wide selection of performances to choose from because there are twenty-seven distinct Broadway productions, each of which runs eight times each week.

Typically, Broadway show tickets can be a bit expensive. So, depending on the time, performance, and date, tickets can cost as little as $20 or as much as $175, with the majority falling between $120 and $130.

Confused about which show to see? The Lion King, Wicked, Aladdin (great for youngsters), Chicago, Phantom of the Opera, Come from Away (very moving), Dear Evan Hansen (extremely thought-provoking but unsuitable for young children), and more are all guaranteed to please.

6. Try an Escape Room Game

Looking for a top birthday activity in New York City? Then you should try one of the many escape rooms that are spread out over NYC.

I have a serious obsession with escape rooms of all kinds. In light of the fact that escape rooms are:

Themed puzzles that are very entertaining and give you a certain amount of time to solve them are ideal for large groups and cover every conceivable subject (think Harry Potter, vampires, zombies, etc.)
Additionally, as most escape rooms follow the same general operating procedure, you’ll know almost precisely what to anticipate before your awesome birthday celebration ever gets started.

So, yes, you will actually be “stuck” in a room and will need to solve a number of puzzles to escape before time runs out (FYI, you usually have 60 minutes).
There are multiple “generations” of escape rooms for you to try, just in case you’re not an expert. Then they are:

  • Gen I – Very tactile puzzles that aren’t really technical
  • Gen II puzzles (which make up the majority of escape rooms) will combine classic, tech-free riddles with more video game-like activities.
  • Gen III products resemble real-world video games. Therefore, a significant amount of technology will be involved in the riddles, along with numerous interactive screens.

Therefore, escape rooms are a fantastic birthday activity for everyone since both adults and children will enjoy attempting to find out how to escape before time runs out (eek!).
And some of my absolute favourites in New York City are as follows:

  1. BRAINXCAFE – Flatiron
  2. Mission Escape Games – Midtown West
  3. Beat the Bomb – DUMBO Brooklyn
  4. Escape Games NYC – Tribeca
  5. The Escape Game – Midtown (FYI, they have locations all around the country)

7. Karaoke Night

Singing karaoke is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable birthday activities in New York City. Imagine yourself on stage with your closest pals. You make the choice to sing one of your all-time favourite songs, the one that brings back the very greatest memories.

You do a fantastic job with the song. Even that absurdly challenging high note at the end was struck. You feel like a rock star as you enjoy the sound of the cheers!

Thankfully, you won’t have to perform any of this in front of a live studio audience (lol), as Koreatown is home to many of New York City’s top Private karaoke establishments.

Insa, Space, or 5 Bar Karaoke are some of the greatest, so be sure to check them out. Because each of these exciting locations has a unique selling point, whether it is the delectable Korean cuisine, the best karaoke setup, or the odd decor.

Gagopa Karaoke, however, has a huge song selection, therefore I personally suggest going there. More than 30,000 songs, to be exact, many of them current hits. You can groove out to many of your favourite tunes as a result.

  • Location: 28 W 32nd St, 3rd Floor, New York, NY 10001
  • Open from 6:30 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. from Monday through Saturday, and from 7:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. on Sunday.
  • Price: $36 per hour for up to four people and $9 per hour per person for more than five people.

8. Enjoy Comedy Show at Comedy Cellar

Birthdays are a time to appreciate who you are and your amazing life. So, on your birthday, you should undoubtedly do things that make you happy. Watching a comedy concert at Comedy Cellar is one of the best things to do in NYC on your birthday because of this.

You’ll be laughing so hard, in fact, that you’ll start crying. And I don’t know about you, but to me, that seems like a joyful night!

In any event, The Comedy Cellar is widely regarded as one of the top comedy clubs in the entire nation, in case you didn’t know. So anticipate seeing a tonne of well-known comics like Aziz Ansari, Dave Chapelle, Sarah Silverman, and Kevin Hart perform at this famed theatre.

If you’re fortunate, you could get to witness one of these legends in action. Or perhaps you’ll get to meet a few budding celebrities before they become well-known!

The Comedy Cellar is a popular destination, so be sure to make reservations well in advance! Because seats fill up surprisingly quickly even though their New York branch produces 30 concerts each week. I believe this is gonna be one of the best fun things to do in Newyork on your birthday, one of the best birthday gifts for yourself.

Important Info-

  • Address: 117 Macdougal St #1267, New York, NY 10012
  • Open Hours: Open Monday through Sunday from 11 am to 3 am.
  • Price: Tickets are about $20 per person plus your 2 beer minimum.
  • How to Get There: Just take either the A, C, E train or the B, D, F train to the West 4th Street station.

9. Enjoy Dinner in the Dark

Around NYC, the “dinner in the dark” craze has taken off. For those of you who are unfamiliar, the idea behind these kinds of restaurants is to suppress your other senses, in this case, your sense of sight, in order to improve your capacity to taste the food you order.

Now, I understand that this idea might appear a little strange at first, but there is sound scientific evidence to support it.

You should visit Abigail’s Kitchen for one of the top birthday activities in New York as well as the best dining-in-the-dark experience in the city.

You can see that they serve a variety of mouthwatering meals during their four-course, 2.5-hour supper. But unless you consume them, you won’t know what they are.

  • Address: 85 Macdougal Street, New York, NY, 10012
  • Open Hours: Dinners run from 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm on Saturdays.
  • Price: $150 per person
  • How to Reach: Take the C/E train to Spring Street station or the 1 train to Houston Street station or the B/D/F/M train to West 4th Street and Washington Square station and walk to the restaurant from there.

10. Scavenger Hunt

New York City is home to many well-known sites. Some of NYC’s best-kept secrets are frequently missed because the majority of people are too busy visiting all of these well-known locations. An NYC scavenger hunt is one of those incredible, utterly unappreciated locations.

You should choose a scavenger hunt that suits your interests though, as there are so many of them spread out over the city.

And what’s first for this history nerd at the moment? Hamilton: The Scavenger Hunt is the only one. Simply follow the trail of hints to find Hamilton’s grave, his place of employment, his residence on Wall Street, and more.

If you want to embark on this trip with the entire family, this grand scavenger hunt also offers a kid-friendly alternative.
The Munch Around Greenwich Scavenger Hunt, on the other hand, is undoubtedly one of the greatest birthday activities in NYC if you’re a die-hard foodie.

Because this particular scavenger hunt will lead you to locations that have a little more significance despite the fact that NYC is absolutely bursting at the seams with important eating establishments.

You know, places that are very focused on food, like restaurants from Sex and the City, E.E. Cummings’ favourite pub, and an ancient coffee shop that’s been around for well over a century!

You’ll also get to consume an incredible amount of delectable delights along the route, such as cannolis, croissants, kebabs, and paratha. Please pardon me while I get a wet towelette.
And finally, The Secrets of Central Park Scavenger Hunt is perfect if you want to reconnect with nature and spend some time playing among fields of daisies!

Because during this magnificent adventure, you’ll learn about various hidden parks locations, such as a bird sanctuary, a carousel, and a dairy.

The Secrets of Central Park Scavenger Hunt also offers a kid-friendly version, making it one of the many enjoyable birthday activities in New York City like Hamilton: The Scavenger Hunt.

  • Location: Varied by event
  • Operating Hours: It’s about 2.5 hours to show
  • Cost: $25 per person

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