Wedding Announcement Wording and Messages Ideas

Wedding Announcement Wording: From the moment your significant other asks you to marry them until the moment you finally say “Yes,” the days leading up to your wedding are without a doubt the most romantic days of your life, but they are also the busiest days. However, it isn’t possible to invite everyone, and you wouldn’t want your close friends and family to miss out on such a significant moment in your life. So, what exactly is the answer? Please share the phrase you used for your wedding announcement!

This is the perfect method to let all of your close friends and family members know about your big day and ask for their blessings. It makes no difference to your well-wishers whether each and every one of them is invited to the event or not; they will be overjoyed to learn that you are thinking of them. Keep scrolling to see some gorgeous Wedding Announcement Wording Examples that may be given by the bride, groom, or the couple’s parents. These examples can also be shared with guests at the wedding.

What Do you Write on a Wedding Announcement?

When it comes to composing a wedding proclamation, there is a standard format that must be adhered to. Certain rules of etiquette must be followed to ensure that your friends and family receive the news of your wedding appropriately. A bridal notification card should contain minimal text. Rather, it only needs to convey the message in a polite manner.

You must include the following details in your wedding invitation text:

  • The names of the hostesses (typically the bride and groom’s parents).
  • The admonition/Announcement
  • A list of the couple’s identities
  • The time and date
  • The location of the nuptials Reception specifics (location and time) (optional)
  • Provide Website Link If a wedding website has been created.

Wedding Announcement Wording & Messages Example

We are so happy to tell you that our wedding will be on (date). Please pray for me and (name of bride or groom) with all your heart.

Good news! On (date), (Name of Fiance) and I will become husband and wife. We want your prayers and best wishes as we start this new part of our lives.

On (date), the dream will finally come true. We’re getting married, so your wishes would be the best thing you could give us.

Soon, we’ll make a deal to be together for life, through sickness and health. We ask you to pray for us as we start this new journey.

Soon will come the day that every parent wants to see. On (date), our (daughter/son) will get married, and we couldn’t be happier!

On (date), my (son/daughter) is getting married to the love of his/her life. Please send him/her your best wishes. May their love stay strong forever.

It gives us great joy to announce that our wedding will take place on (date). I ask that you pray fervently for me and (bride or groom’s name) on our wedding day.

Happy tidings! My future spouse and I have set our wedding date for (date). As we enter this next chapter of our lives, we would appreciate your continued prayers and well wishes.

Wedding Announcement Wording

The day that the dream comes true has arrived is (date). The nicest gift you could offer us is your warmest wishes on our wedding day.

We’ll be committing to one other for the rest of our lives, come hell or high water. As we embark on this new adventure, we solicit your prayers.

The day every parent has been waiting for is coming quickly. We are overjoyed that our (daughter/son) is getting married on (day).

How to Announce Wedding on Social Media?

Here are some exclusive examples of Wedding Announcement Wording, Messages that you may share on your social media accounts to inform your friends.

  • Please welcome Mr. and Mrs. (Surname) to the community, the newest married couple in town! When we finally got married on (date), it was a beautiful day.
  • We are overjoyed to tell you the wonderful news that we recently tied the knot. Please accept the most sincere love possible from the bride and couple.
  • We have been together for many years and have finally decided to tie the knot on (date). Best of luck to us!
  • As I write this, I can feel butterflies fluttering all over my tummy; I recently tied the knot with the man I have loved for the entirety of my life. It’s going to be Mr. and Mrs. (Surname)!
  • On (date), our (son/daughter) (son/daughter’s name) tied the knot with (son-in-law/daughter-in-law’s name), and we are delighted to share the news with you (names of the parents). We hope they have a long and happy marriage!
  • There is no happiness that can match to that of seeing the marriage of our (son) or (daughter), and we cannot wait till the great day arrives. May God bless the future bride and husband, please.

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Wedding Announcement Wording for Newspaper

Mr. and Mrs. (Surname) are the newest married couple in town. (Date) was the ideal day for our wedding.

We are ecstatic to share our happy news: we got married! Take the bridal and groom’s deepest affection.

On (date), after years of being in love, we finally tied the knot. Best of success!

As I write this, my stomach is filled with butterflies; I recently wedded the joy of my life! It’s Mr. and Mrs. (Surname)!

On (date), our (son/daughter) (son/daughter’s name) tied the knot with (son-in-law/daughter-in-law’s name). We wish them a prosperous marriage!

Nothing compares to the happiness of witnessing our (son/daughter)’s wedding, and we can’t wait for the big day. Please bless the future bride and newlyweds.

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Wedding Announcement Wording from Parents

Mr. and Mrs. (parents’ names) are delighted to announce their daughter’s (or son’s) wedding, which took place on (Wedding Date) at (Wedding Location).

Mr. and Mrs. Bride’s Parents are delighted to announce the upcoming wedding of their daughter, Bride, to Groom, son of Mr. and Mrs. Groom’s Parents, on Wedding Date at Wedding Location. A reception will be held on Reception Date at Reception Location.

Bride’s mother and father are delighted to announce that Bride and Groom got married in a tropical location while on vacation. The wedding took place on the Wedding Date at the Wedding Location. We hope to join you in celebration on Reception Date at Reception Location.

The parents, Mr. and Mrs. (Names), are overjoyed to share the news that their daughter (or son) was married on (Wedding Date) at (Wedding Location).

The parents of the bride, Mr. and Mrs. Bride, are pleased to announce their daughter’s approaching marriage to the son of Mr. and Mrs. Groom, on Wedding Date, at Wedding Location. On Reception Date, at Reception Location, there will be a reception.

Parents of the bride are overjoyed to share the news that their daughter and her new husband tied the knot while on a tropical vacation. The ceremony took held at the predetermined venue on the designated wedding day. On Reception Date, at Reception Location, we’d love to share in the joy with you.

Pre-Wedding Announcement Wording

Because of my unwavering trust in him/her and the undying devotion we share, I’m tying the knot with him/her on (date). We can’t wait for our story to have a joyful conclusion!

Without your help, we couldn’t begin this new adventure in caring for one another. If you pray for us, the day of our wedding will go well.

We’re overjoyed to let you know that on (date) at (location), we’ll be exchanging our vows. Let’s pray for a wonderful future together.

We are thankful to have you with us as we prepare for the most important day of our life. Would you all pray for us as a couple?

We’re getting married shortly, and we truly appreciate your support and excitement for us!

On (day), my (son/daughter) will be joining a new family through marriage. May God bless us as we add this lovely baby girl to our family!

I’ve always had faith in him/her and the love we have for each other, so on (date), we’re getting married. We’re looking forward to our happy ending!

We’re about to start a new love and care journey, and we wouldn’t do it without your gifts. Please pray that our wedding will be perfect.

We’re so happy to tell you that we’re getting married on (date) at (place). Do hope that we have a happy life together.

As we get ready for the most important day of our lives, we think of you and appreciate that you are in it. Please pray for our marriage.

We’re going to get married soon, and we hope that you’ll be happy for us!

My (son/daughter) is getting married on (date), so our family will soon be getting bigger. Bless us as we welcome this beautiful new member into our family!

Post Wedding Announcement Wording

It gives me great joy to notify you that my husband and I were married in a small ceremony on (date). Without your affection and support, our lives wouldn’t have been as extraordinary, so thank you.

There was a celebration of love on (date) at (location), where we became Mr. and Mrs. (Surname). Please pray for our successful marriage.

We had the greatest day of our lives as a couple on (date), when we exchanged vows in front of friends and family. Wishing for a prosperous life together!

We are thrilled to let you know that we got married on (date). Even though the ceremony and vows are over, our married life would be void without your blessings.

On (date), we put an end to our courtship and exchanged vows. Thank you for always supporting us and for your constant encouragement.

On (date), our (son/daughter) tied the knot with (his/her) beloved. Please shower your affection and gratitude on the newlyweds.

I am overjoyed to share the news that on (date), my husband and I tied the knot in a private ceremony. Our lives would not have been as spectacular as they were without your love and encouragement.

On (day) at (venue), we exchanged our vows and became Mr. and Mrs. (Surname). I ask that you pray for the happiness of our marriage.

On (date), in front of our friends and family, we spoke our vows, and it was the best day of our life together. Best wishes for a happy and fruitful future together!

We’re overjoyed to finally share the news that we tied the knot on (date). Though the wedding and vows are past, we still need your support as a married couple.

We finally ended our relationship and tied the knot on (date). We appreciate your unwavering loyalty and kind words of encouragement.

Our (son/daughter) married the love of his/her life on (date). Send the happy couple your best wishes and congratulations.

Wedding Announcement Wording for Guest you Forgot to Invite

We really regret that you were unable to share in our wedding vows on (date). We will always remember you as a part of our wedding day.

We just wanted to let you know how excited we are to start our married life together. Unfortunately, our venue only permitted us to invite very close family, but we hope you’ll understand and still wish us well.

We’re writing to let you know that our (son/daughter) tied the knot on (date). Even though we only had room for a small number of people, your absence was keenly felt. Newlyweds, your prayers are requested.

I’m thrilled to finally tell you that on (date), I officially became Mrs. The ceremony was far too little to include you, but know that you have been on our minds all day.

On (date), we had a small, intimate ceremony to become Mr. and Mrs. (Surname). We pray that the warmth of your affection and generosity will always surround us.

My (future) husband/wife and I shall officially join as one on (date). We wish you could have been there, but we’ve decided to keep the ceremony intimate by inviting just close family members. Let’s pray for one other, please!

Conclusion Remarks

Weddings are fantastic, and they are much more so when they include you or a member of your family. You probably want everything about the wedding, from the ceremony to the vows to the clothes to the invitations, to be perfect. So that you may concentrate on the other aspects of the wedding, Team HelloGreeting has selected the greatest wedding announcement wording & messages for you.

Our sample pre-wedding announcement text is perfect if you want to tell the world about your upcoming nuptials. You might also use a post-wedding announcement to solicit well-wishes from friends and family. There are several options for spreading the news about the upcoming wedding. You may share the news with special greeting cards, announce it on social media, and even have your wedding photo printed in the local daily. It’s the thought that counts, so tell your loved ones and friends.

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