Avoid These 9 Things to Keep Your Married Life Happier

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For keeping marriage stronger, let go of the need to always be right or have the upper hand in the relationship.


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Avoid keeping a notes of each other's mistakes. Instead, focus on the positive things of each and remind them time to time. This will motivate you & your bonding.


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Leave negative communication habits such as criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling, & contempt. Argument starts with negative communication.

Negative Communication

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Don't keep unrealistic expectations or perfection from your partner. Embrace acceptance and appreciate their unique qualities and efforts.

Unrealistic Expectations

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Forgive past mistakes & let go of grudes. Holding onto rsentment only hampers the growth and progress of the relationship.

Holding Grudges

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Avoid distractions that prevent spending quality time with your spouse. Prioritize quality time together and create opportunities for bonding.

Quality Time

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Never keep secrets or hidden agendas. Openly communicate and work together to build a foundation of honesty and integrity. Secrets make relationship spoil.

Avoid Keeping Secrets

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Stop being self-centric or selflessness. Consider your partner's needs and desires and work towards achieving them together.


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Give up emotional distance or detachment. Cultivate empathy, emotional support, and a safe space for open expression of feelings.

Emotional Support