16 Life Rules that will make you Better Human Being

Life Rules that will make you a Better Human Being: In the ever-changing landscape of life, it is essential to abide by certain rules that guide us toward becoming better individuals. These life rules, often referred to as “Life Golden Rules,” encompass a set of principles that contribute to a positive and fulfilling existence. By embracing these rules, we can cultivate a harmonious relationship with ourselves, others, and society at large. In this article, we will delve into a collection of positive life rules and social guidelines that can empower you to navigate the complexities of life with grace and compassion. Whether you are seeking personal growth or aiming to make a positive impact on the world, these life rules offer invaluable insights and wisdom to transform yourself into a better human being.

Life Rules, Number 1 – “Don’t Call Someone More than Twice Continuously”

Unless it is really urgent matter and if they don’t pick up your call you must not interrupt again and again. Wait until they return the call. They might be sleeping, sick, busy, have something important, or have an un-avoiding situation.

One of the essential rules for a better human being is to refrain from calling someone more than twice continuously. This particular habit stems from the value of respecting others’ boundaries and their right to privacy. Continuously calling someone without giving them a chance to respond or ignoring their unavailability can be perceived as intrusive and disrespectful. By adhering to this rule, we demonstrate consideration for others’ time and priorities, allowing them the freedom to engage with us at their convenience. Embracing this rule fosters healthier relationships, fosters mutual respect, and contributes to creating a harmonious social environment.

Life Rule, Number 2 – “If you borrow money from someone, return it before they ask”

Demonstrate responsibility and gratitude by promptly repaying borrowed money. Being proactive in returning borrowed funds not only shows respect for others’ generosity but also maintains trust and strengthens relationships.

Life Rule, Number 3 – “When someone treats you to lunch or dinner, don’t order expensive”

Display consideration and appreciation by selecting reasonably priced items when someone else is treating you to a meal. Being mindful of their gesture and not burdening them financially fosters a sense of gratitude and respect.

Life Rule, Number 4 – “Be nice to ground workers, waiters, cleaners, helpers, and drivers”

Practice empathy and treat individuals in service roles with kindness and respect. Recognizing the dignity of all professions, regardless of social status, promotes inclusivity, compassion, and a more harmonious society.

Life Rules, Number 5 – “Always open the doors for the person coming behind you”

Extend courtesy and kindness by holding doors open for others. This simple act of consideration fosters a sense of respect, creates a welcoming environment, and acknowledges the importance of looking out for one another.

Life Rules, Number 6 – “If you take a taxi with a friend, pay next time”

Promote fairness and reciprocity in relationships by taking turns covering expenses. When you share a taxi ride with a friend, offering to pay next time demonstrates a balanced approach to sharing costs and reinforces mutual respect.

Life Rules, Number 7- “Respect different shades of opinion”

Embrace diversity of thought and perspective by respecting and valuing differing opinions. Engaging in respectful dialogue encourages open-mindedness, broadens understanding, and promotes tolerance in a world of diverse viewpoints.

Life Rules, Number 8- “Never interrupt people talking”

Practice active listening and patience by refraining from interrupting others while they speak. Allowing individuals the space to express themselves without interruption fosters effective communication, respect, and a sense of being heard.

Life Rules, Number 9- “Don’t tease someone if they don’t enjoy it”

Exercise empathy and sensitivity by refraining from teasing or making jokes at the expense of others, especially if they express discomfort. Respecting personal boundaries and preferences promotes a safe and inclusive environment.

Life Rules, Number 10- “Say “Thank you” for help”

Express gratitude for the assistance and support you receive from others. Saying “thank you” acknowledges their kindness, fosters positive relationships, and encourages a culture of appreciation and reciprocity.

Life Rules, Number 11- “Don’t break your Promises”

Maintain trust and integrity by honoring your commitments. Keeping your promises demonstrates reliability, builds strong relationships, and shows respect for others’ time and expectations.

Life Rules, Number 12- “When someone tells you a secret, keep it secret”

Respect confidentiality and trust by safeguarding the secrets others confide in you. Being a trustworthy confidant fosters stronger bonds, encourages open communication, and cultivates a safe space for sharing.

Life Rules, Number 13- “When someone shows you a photo on their phone don’t scroll left-right”

Some people start scrolling left-right once you show them one picture on your phone. At least once in our life, we must have met someone who has this kind of attitude, which is wrong and annoying behavior.

Respect privacy and boundaries by avoiding snooping or scrolling through someone’s personal photos without their permission. Respecting their personal space and choices builds trust and maintains healthy relationships.

Life Rules, Number 14- “If you fix a time, be Punctual”

Time is precious, yours as well as other’s. Value others’ time by being punctual and honoring agreed-upon schedules. Being timely shows respect, professionalism, and consideration for others’ commitments and schedules. If you do so, you will gain respect from others and you will get priority from others.

Life Rules, Number 15- “Don’t talk about your riches in the midst of the poor”

Display sensitivity and empathy by refraining from flaunting wealth or material possessions in the presence of those who may be less fortunate. Demonstrating humility and understanding promotes inclusivity and prevents unnecessary discomfort.

Life Rules, Number 16- “Don’t waste time on things that worsen your past”

Learn from past experiences and avoid engaging in activities or habits that have had a negative impact on your well-being. Prioritizing self-growth and focusing on positive endeavors contribute to personal development and a healthier, more fulfilling life.


In conclusion, embracing these 16 life rules can truly transform us into better human beings. By integrating these principles into our daily lives, we can cultivate a positive mindset, foster meaningful connections, and contribute to a more compassionate and harmonious society. Each rule encapsulates a core value that guides us toward personal growth, empathy, and integrity. Whether it’s practicing gratitude, respecting others’ opinions, or honoring our commitments, these life rules serve as a compass for navigating life’s challenges with grace and compassion. Let us embark on this journey of self-improvement, embracing these life rules as pillars that support our quest to become the best versions of ourselves. By embodying these principles, we can make a profound impact not only on our own lives but also on the lives of those around us, creating a brighter and more fulfilling future for all.

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